The First Thing To Check Before Calling A Waterproofing Company

Are you confused about when to call a waterproofing company or whether you are having waterproofing issues? Are you just unaware on how to prevent water getting into your home?

A customer on Edgewood Avenue in Parkville, Maryland had called complaining of his sump pump not working correctly and of water seeping through the foundation of the wall and floor. This is a call we frequently receive.

To make the call most effective when reaching out for professional help, there are a few things you should check before calling a waterproofer.

In fact, this first thing is something you can even do yourself without any professional help!

Check and see if your rain spouts are pointed away from your home. Your downspouts should shed water about four feet away from the house. You can extend your down spouts for less than twenty dollars!

Gutter repairs are costlier, yet are another way to potentially solve water issues without needing professional basement or crawlspace waterproofing.

If these simple solutions do not seem to be fixing your individual problem of water coming into your house then calling a waterproofing company is the way to go.

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