I bought my house in fall of 2017. A few months later my finished basement was soaked with water, so I tried to figure out why and did all the prerequisite fixes like extending downspouts, sloping the yard away from the house, cleaning out the gutters. Nothing seemed to really help, so after almost a year of fighting the issues, I decided to call professional help. I had gotten quotes from 4 other companies all claiming they had the best product out there but all they were doing were being salesmen. I did my research online for a while to find the type of method I wanted for my basement and found Oriole on Angie’s list, they had very high reviews, so I gave them a call. Frank came out that night to look it over, not like the other companies who scheduled me a month out for just an inspection! I didn’t see him as a salesman yet an honest man carrying on his family business and I saw that in him, after talking with him and going over everything I wrote him a check that night for the deposit because I was that confident in him unlike the other companies. My scheduled date was two weeks later, thankfully to have it done by spring. The team showed up, Jeff and his crew were very polite and professional. He gave me his number and whenever I needed him, I was able to get ahold of him within minutes. They worked on the basement during the day while I was at work because I was able to trust them and the company to leave them my house keys while I was away at work. They were very knowledgeable and answered any questions I had during the process, even made sure not to disturb my dog who was upstairs during the day. Within 5 days (held up one day by snow), my entire basement was complete! They rerouted my sump pump outlet to a better area to keep my yard dry and before I handed them the final payment Jeff made sure to walk me through the basement showing me everything, how the battery backup works, and most importantly made sure I was happy with everything. If you want to hire a good, honest, family-owned company, I highly recommend choosing Oriole! They’re even the same name as my favorite baseball team!  

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