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Flooding in York County, Pennsylvania, has been a recurring challenge, impacting urban and rural areas. Traversed by the Susquehanna River and several tributaries, the county is susceptible to flooding during heavy rain events or rapid snowmelt. Over the years, residents have experienced the consequences of periodic floods, which have led to property damage, road closures, and disruptions to daily life. Residents in homes with basements are particularly vulnerable to water damage in flood-prone areas like York due to the basement’s below-ground location.

Fortunately, York County property owners have many options to mitigate the impact of flooding on basements, such as installing sump pumps, improving drainage around the foundation, sealing cracks in basement walls, and elevating critical utilities and belongings. Partnering with a reputable York basement waterproofing contractor for a thorough inspection is an excellent first step to keeping your basement dry during the next heavy rain.

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Oriole Basement Waterproofing is a York basement waterproofing company that has served local homes and businesses since 1953. Our family-run enterprise has over 70 years of experience and is one of the oldest and most experienced waterproofing contractors working in York County. Our service starts with a thorough assessment of your specific waterproofing needs. We will work with you to implement a tailored dry basement solution, with a commitment to using high-quality materials and the latest techniques. Browse our reviews from local customers, then call today to request a consultation.

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