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Lancaster County gets a lot of rain. Mother nature soaks the earth with snowmelt in the winter and heavy rains in the summer, sometimes from tropical storms and Atlantic coast hurricanes. All that moisture keeps Lancaster County’s picturesque scenery lush and green, but it can complicate life for property owners trying to keep their basements dry. Wet basements can damage belongings, threaten structural integrity, and encourage hazardous mold growth. With most of Pennsylvania considered flood-prone, homeowners face many water-related risks to their properties and health if they don’t keep the water out.

How can you prepare and protect your home? Sump pumps offer excellent protection. Pair these devices with battery backups to ensure functionality even during power outages and rest easier during the next thunderstorm.

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Sump pumps contribute significantly to the security of your belongings and the soundness of your foundation by keeping water out of the basement.

Oriole Basement Waterproofing is an expert sump pump contractor in Lancaster County that has been helping property owners keep their basements dry for over 70 years. We offer professional sump pump installation, battery backup systems, repair, and maintenance services. We also prioritize quality and customer experience. Browse our many outstanding reviews from local customers and call today for a consultation and sump pump service estimate.

Here is an excellent example of what happens without a battery backup system:

And here is a video showing that the power is still out, but the new battery backup we installed gets the sump pump going again:

The sump pump system works with an interior basement drainage system to pump the water out of your home. It is the main component of your basement system; if it fails, you won’t be able to get the water out of your house.

Because of that, we use and recommend Zoeller sump pumps as they are the best brand out there. However, we are familiar with all types of sump pumps and are happy to repair existing pumps if possible.

The great thing about sump pumps is they are automatic thanks to a float or switching device. When water accumulates to a certain point, the sump pump will automatically run and pump the water out. As the water decreases, the float will go back down, eventually turning the sump pump off. You don’t have to worry about being home to catch it in time.

sump pump

It’s important to have a professional installation for your sump pump pit and hardware. You want to make sure the pump is installed correctly so that it turns on and off automatically. You also want to ensure that basement drainage system is properly channeling water into the sump pump pit so that it may be collected and pumped out.

Oriole Basement Waterproofing has been installing and servicing sump pumps and battery backups for decades. Whether you are in need of an entirely new basement drainage system, or are interested in a newer and more efficient pump to save on energy costs, we can help!

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