Oriole’s Crawlspace Waterproofing Solutions

Our crawlspace waterproofing and encapsulation solutions will dry and bring new, functional capability to your moisture ridden or otherwise unusable crawlspace. We offer several solutions to improve crawlspace areas so that crawl spaces can serve as functional areas of the home. Whether it be used for storage or an actual living area, your crawl space can be dramatically improved.

Before & After

crawlspace before
crawlspace after

A crawlspace that experiences moisture problems can lead to several problems, such as: structural deterioration, pest invasion, mold and bacteria growth, mosquitoes and termites, among many more avoidable issues. Insecticides and insulation alone only serve as a temporary solution, disguising the real problem. The only truly effective method of keeping the above mentioned problems from re-surfacing is to focus on eliminating the source of the moisture. A perimeter drain or “french drain” and sump pump are often recommended in addition to crawlspace encapsulation.

We offer some of the following solutions to making your crawlspace a livable and/or storage area:

20 Mil Reinforced

  • Reinforced 3 ply laminate which combines (2) films with a very strong cord grid.

90 Black & White

  • Reinforced 5 ply which provides additional strength for applications which require resistance to puncturing.


  • Reinforced 3 ply which combines (2) layers of ultraviolet stabilizing coextruded polyethylene and a strong cord grid.


  • Reinforced 3 ply laminate which provides high strength and durability in a lightweight material.

90 FR

  • Reinforced 5 ply fire retardant which delivers additional strength with extra low permeance for applications that experience extreme temperature variations.

These materials are cut to fit each unique crawlspace area. Special tape is used to tightly seal each part that may require overlapping or adaptation.

Oriole Basement Waterproofing, Inc. offers professional and economical crawl space encapsulation solutions unique to your home. Ideally, your home should be protected as shown below:

crawlspace encapsulation
crawlspace home diagram

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