Here’s Why You Might Be Having Water Problems (Even Though You Have A French Drain!)

If your home has a “french drain” (sub-floor drain) system already installed and you are experiencing water problems, here’s probably why:

terracotta piping
<em>Exhibit 1 Terra cotta piping problems<em>

If your system is made of terracotta, the photos shown above illustrate the most common problems with terracotta systems. #1: Crumbling and #2: Clogging. Terra cotta systems are comprised of an oblong, tubular, brick-like sections seated next to each other around the inside perimeter of the foundation under the floor. The terra cotta piping system leads to a sump pit which serves as a collection point for the water. A sump pump is located inside of the sump pit, which is triggered by a level switch or mechanical arm and float, discharging the water outside of the home.

clogged pipe
Exhibit 2
clogged drain
Exhibit 3

Above: Exhibit #2 and #3, Silt/sand clogged perforated 3″ drain tile.

If your french drain system is made of drain tile, the photos shown above illustrate the most common problem with drain tile systems. Exhibit 2 & 3 shows how corrugated drain tile can become clogged by silt and sand. Silt and sand are often delivered into a home along with water and can cause drain tile systems to stop functioning very quickly. Drain tile systems are not recommended for homes in Maryland for this reason. Premier offers a 4″ perforated, rigid, white PVC S&D piping. Additionally, we use a special filter cloth which allows water to flow while filtering out sediment.

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