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Flooding or excess water in a basement not only compromises the integrity of your property but also ruins your possessions. Too much moisture buildup in basements is a perfect recipe for mold and mildew growth, which can be precarious to the health of your family. Statistically, over 60% of basements in the US have an existing moisture issue caused by rain, plumbing leaks, burst pipes, overflows, seepage and humidity.

Every homeowner whose property is experiencing any form of water damage or mold growth must invest in different home waterproofing solutions to fix their leaky basement. If you reside in the Annapolis area, you can seek the services of a waterproofing company that can make your structure waterproof or water-resistant to cushion your property against water damage and future mold issues. Oriole Basement Waterproofing in Annapolis takes pride in a team of waterproofing experts with over 60 years experience in solving foundation problems, wet crawlspace, and wet basement among others. Oriole Basement Waterproofing is the oldest basement waterproofing contractor in the state of Maryland.

Leading Basement Waterproofing Contractor in Annapolis

At Oriole Basement Waterproofing Annapolis, we have become a household name in the area that we serve. Having addressed numerous waterproofing issues for thousands of homeowners throughout the Annapolis area and the surrounding locales, we have established lasting relationships with superior services and high-end products. Our expert team of waterproofing specialists goes to great extents to dry up your basement and ensure your needs are met once and for all.

Premium Services You Can Trust

As one of the leading waterproofing companies in Annapolis, we understand that waterproofing a basement is nothing close to a simple cut-and-dry project. Many facets often contribute to a home’s waterproofing needs, which is why we take every project with the technical knowhow and expertise to guarantee a permanent solution. Our water management and basement waterproofing service go beyond the basics.

Whether your basement is experiencing flooding or dampness, or there is a leak that causes trouble, come to us and we will provide a permanent solution to your problem. We have an extensive array of interior and exterior solutions that are geared toward efficient waterproofing. Our basement waterproofing solutions include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Sump pumps & battery backups
  • Downspouts & extensions
  • Drain systems (interior & exterior)
  • Foundation repair
  • Crack wall repair
  • Epoxy injection
  • Sodium bentonite solutions
  • Crawlspace encapsulation
  • Moisture control
  • Yard drainage
  • Mold remediation
  • And many more

For your peace of mind, we first conduct a complimentary free of charge assessment on every project we undertake. This enables us to understand the exact problem you are experiencing in your home. Once we get an accurate picture of the problem, we then discuss the appropriate services that will best suit your water management or basement waterproofing requirements. One of the reasons homeowners trust us is because we are transparent, and we never pressure you to sign any document throughout the entire process.

Why Choose Us?  

There are many reasons why you should choose us over other waterproofing companies in Annapolis. Oriole Basement Waterproofing has remained the most preferred company for the following reasons:

  1. Proven track record: Oldest Waterproofing Company in Marlyand (MHIC #4247)

Basement waterproofing contractors in Annapolis come and go. However, we have remained in business for over six decades, offering superb waterproofing services that satisfy even the choosiest customers. A reliable basement waterproofing contractor should have a track record along with a business structure that forecasts longevity.

  1. Full service

There are many ways in which a basement can leak, and each way demands a different revamp technique. Unlike other waterproofing contractors that offer only one service, we address any problem that comes our way. We seal the cracks in the foundation, install a drainage system, install a sump pump, and offer many other services that are effective in preventing basement floods. We can fix anything with our full range of services.

  1. Lifetime, transferrable warranty

Some waterproofing companies offer a lifetime warranty on interior waterproofing services and limited warranties on exterior repairs and other projects. For us, we offer top-notch services backed by permanent and transferrable warranties with every waterproofing project we undertake. Simply put, your home will be covered for life, and you will never have to be concerned about a foundation problem, damp crawlspace, or leaky basement again – for life!

  1. Fast response

Since we are located within a close reach, our clients in the Annapolis area can easily access us anytime they need our services. We understand that water and humidity issues can manifest at the least expected time leading to a toxic mold growth that can pose serious health risks. For this reason, our rapid response team is always on standby, flexible and ready to address your water issues as soon as they happen. Simply call us, and we will be right at your doorstep within 2-3 hours to address the situation.

Final Words

If left unattended, water damage can lead to a range of serious issues including irreversible damage, unsanitary living conditions, and costly replacements. As a matter of fact, water damage can reduce a home’s value by up to 25 percent. Hiring a trusted and professional basement waterproofing company as soon as the problem occurs is a sure way to blast away any standing water and clean up the affected areas before it leads to permanent damage or mold growth. In case of water damage or flooding in your basement, contact the Oriole Basement Waterproofing Annapolis today for a no-obligation quotation and possible evaluation to secure your peace of mind and the health of your family.


When it comes to wet basements, the problem can only get worse the longer you wait to take action. Don’t let the issue get out of control!

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