7 Steps for Preparing Your Home for a Basement Waterproofing Service

Protecting the well-being of your home begins with proper basement waterproofing. From inspecting existing conditions to implementing effective drainage solutions, Oriole is here to help you prepare you space for our services. Our guide outlines seven fundamental steps to help you navigate the process of readying your home for basement waterproofing.

  1. Dust containment: Seal off vents, doors, and openings to other parts of the house to minimize the spread of dust during the installation process. Orioles does offer the service for areas in proximity of where the installation is occurring. Oriole will remind home-owner to turn off HVAC before jackhammering begins.
  2. Protect belongings: Cover any remaining items in the basement with plastic sheeting or tarps to shield them from dust and debris.
  3. Clear obstructions: Remove any obstacles or obstacles in the basement that may hinder the installation process, such as furniture, storage boxes, or equipment. Want to learn more about Junk Removal? Click here.
  4. Create a workspace: Designate a clear area in the basement where the installation team can set up their equipment and work efficiently.
  5. Provide adequate lighting: Ensure there is sufficient lighting in the basement for the installation team to work safely and effectively.
  6. Access to utilities: Ensure easy access to utilities such as electrical outlets and water sources for the installation team to use during the waterproofing process.
  7. Temporary storage: Arrange for temporary storage solutions for any large items or equipment that need to be temporarily relocated during the installation process.