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John Garvin

Needed waterproofing done in basement to pass inspection for bank. Bid was much lower than other companies, for the same amount of work. given the circumstances of the condition of the basement and other factors. the job was completed in a timely manner, and dedication of crew was excellent. they were out working until midnight the last night to finish the job up. the company includes a lifetime transferrable guarantee also, which is nice. The owner was very good to work with.


Michele Michael

Has been in business for over 50 years in the waterproofing business. We have referred many friends and associates to Oriole Basement and they have always been pleased with their work.


Jo Shaneybrook

They were quick to respond to our water issue. Can’t say enough about how hard working and knowledgeable they were. Everyone was very polite and they made sure we were satisfied with every phase of the project. Highly recommend!!


Robert Jones

Oriole Basement Waterproofing was an amazing company to work with from start to finish. When I realized I had water in my basement I didn’t think there was any chance I would have it back to normal within a month, let a lone within a week or so. They made that unrealistic thought in my head realistic! They came out to give me an estimate the next day after I contacted them and then they came out to start the work within the day or so after that. They truly made this process a lot easier then what I had imagined it to be. I would recommend them to anyone who asks!!!


Noelle Correll

Highly recommend! They were extremely friendly and helpful through the entire process of fixing my basement and putting in a sump pump. I am a local to Bel Air, MD so I love the fact that I was able to support a local business! Family owned and operated too which I think is fantastic! Easily 5 stars!!


Mary Floyd

Rodney and I are pleased with the work done to our window well. Water that leaked through the basement window has been resolved with a drain pipe directly to the sump pump. The work was completed efficiently and the area was clean. I will be recommending Oriole Waterproofing to my friends, and will use them again for any situations that may occur in the future.


Ben Donaldson

Super easy to work with. Basement got hit hard after a couple big storms and they didn’t hesitate to help out! Super knowledgeable and haven’t had any problems since! Overall great experience, love having a local company to recommend to friends.


Christopher Prete

I bought my house in fall of 2017, a few months later my finished basement was soaked with water, so I tried to figure out why and did all the prerequisite fixes like extending downspouts, sloping the yard away from the house, cleaning out the gutters. Nothing seemed to really help, so after almost a year of fighting the issues I decided to call professional help. I had gotten quotes from 4 other companies all claiming they had the best product out there but all they were doing were being salesmen. I did my research online for a while to find the type of method I wanted for my basement and found Oriole on Angie’s list, they had very high reviews so I gave them a call. Frank came out that night to look it over, not like the other companies who scheduled me a month out for just an inspection! I didn’t see him as a salesman but yet an honest man carrying on his family business and I saw that in him, after talking with him and going over everything I wrote him a check that night for the deposit because I was that confident in him unlike the other companies. My scheduled date was two weeks later, thankfully to have it done by spring. The team showed up, Jeff and his crew were very polite and professional. He gave me his number and whenever I needed him I was able to get ahold of him within minutes. They worked on the basement during the day while I was at work because I was able to trust them and the company to leave them my house keys while I was away at work. They were very knowledgeable and answered any questions I had during the process, even made sure not to disturb my dog who was upstairs during the day. Within 5 days (held up one day by snow), my entire basement was complete! They rerouted my sump pump outlet to a better area to keep my yard dry and before I handed them the final payment Jeff made sure to walk me through the basement showing me everything, how the battery backup works, and most importantly made sure I was happy with everything. If you want to hire a good, honest, family owned company, I highly recommend to choose Oriole! They’re even the same name as my favorite baseball team!


Michael Mavronis

Very responsive and knowledgeable about the work needing to be performed. Used them on two occasions and they were very attentive on making sure the job was done right. Top notch company. If need be, I would use them again for any future waterproofing needs.


Christine Faulent

Knowledgeable, friendly and clean. Worked with what we had to make it an easier and faster process. Still early but so far so good!


Connor Reeves

Oriole Basement Waterproofing was fantastic to work with!! As soon as I discovered water in my basement I gave them a call and they were out to inspect immediately. They truly made this process a lot easier then what we expected. Would recommend them to all!


David S.

We used Oriole Basement Waterproofing to have our basement waterproofed in June of 2017. We dealt directly with the owner of the company, Frank, who provided a very informative and professional presentation. He was knowledge and made us feel at ease with the work being completed in our home. He was also very flexible and willing to work within our budget. Workers were also timely and respectful of our home. Overall, my wife and I had a very positive experience. Our basement has since been bone dry and we would highly recommend working with Oriole to anyone.


Taylor Cramer

Staff was super friendly and helpful in fixing my basement after a flood. Happy to support a local, family owned company!!


Rob Watson

I would highly recommend Oriole Basement Waterproofing. They were knowledgeable, professional and courteous throughout the entire project. Alex and the team were awesome! Most importantly, they provided a larger SOW at a cheaper cost than all other companies we had give us estimates.


Keith Poyer

Quick response and great service. I highly recommend using this company.


Steve Cutchin

Such a great company to use they were quick and efficient and solved our problem in no time at all!


Nicole Lawson

Oriole basement provided a great solution for the water in our basement. The guys were very friendly and fun to have around!


Patti Taylor

Oriole Waterproofing did a great job for the second time — we had our basement waterproofed six years ago and they came back to drylock the walls and install new battery backups! Jeff was great and so were Alex and Matt. I would highly recommend them for your basement waterproofing needs.


Erin Moore

Had a great experience. The guys were friendly and knowledgeable and got the job done in the time that they told me they would. I would definitely recommend Oriole to everyone!


Marvin Merritt

I contracted with Oriole Basement Waterproofing to repair my leaky basement. My salesperson (Frank) was thorough and completely professional. He explained the process and the price.The crew that did the work was very knowledgeable and as they went the through process they took the time to explain each step. We felt very comfortable with the a job well done. I would highly recommend Oriole Basement Waterproofing to anyone that has waterproofing issues.


Karen Bender

Frank understood our needs for both interior and exterior basement water control. His crew was timely, efficient and polite. Job well done!


Theresa Smith

I had Oriole take care of my basement, because I was getting water. They did a wonderful job and cleaned up, very well. Very polite!! I’m VERY satisfied! HIGHLY RECOMMEND


William Pyle

Oriole Basement Waterproofing did a fantastic job for me! When giving the quote, the presentation was very informative, professional and sincere. The work was done promptly and again professionally. Also without making a mess. They put me at ease and solved the problem at a reasonable and competitive price. I highly recommend Oriole!! ?


Chris Tewey

Great work! Thank you guys.


Joyce Snukis

Quick and wonderful service recommend highly!


Dominique Myers

My family & I came home from vacation to discover our basement had flooded. After calling a few places, Oriole beat the competition on price & responsiveness. They were able to come out later that afternoon for an estimate. Owner & crew was knowledgeable and quick. It was a great experience throughout a very stressful event.


Sherri S.

Oriole Basement Waterproofing exceeded every expectation we had going in. Obviously having your basement flood and damage being done to your home isn’t the best situation to be in but we felt like we were in great hands the day that Mark came out and provided us with the solutions he felt would remediate the issues we were having. Adam and his crew were polite hard workers. Adam really seemed to understand every aspect of his job. After the job was complete it was a surprise to my husband and I that the basement had looked like no one had even preformed any work to it. I would recommend Oriole Basement Waterproofing to anyone that is having water in their basement. You will not be disappointed. Ask for Frank, Mark, or Adam and they will do whatever it takes to make sure your basement stays dry.


Pamela Lopez

We contacted Oriole Basement Waterproofing because we started having issues with water in our basement, Frank came out and looked over our basement took estimates, advised us what to do. Frank told us what to expect during this time of installation, what equipment, what materials and the length of time it would take to have new pipes installed in the basement. The foreman (Jeff) that was assigned to our installation was awesome. He communicated very well with us very prompt and courteous and his workers worked very hard in getting the job done. Took 4 days to dig, install stone, pipe, 2 brand new sump pumps, washing of the walls with acid to reduce mold and concrete work. All this was lifting and carrying buckets of concrete and stone and it was all done by hand with 3 workers. I would highly recommend Oriole Basement Waterproofing ask for Frank and Jeff.


Alex Stapleton

I met with the owner to discuss some potential problems and solutions for waterproofing my basement. He was responsive, knowledgeable, and honest about the work that needed to be done, and his estimate was very reasonable. I am looking forward to working with Oriole Basement Waterproofing to complete my project in the near future.


Julianne Webster

Oriole waterproofed my basement in Bel Air in Feb 2018. Oriole’s pricing was very competitive and the team was professional, easy to work with, and stayed on schedule. Highly recommend!!


Susan Cohen

So grateful that Oriole Waterproofing waterproofed my parents’ basement in September 2014. Last weekend, Catonsville was hit by a devastating, historic storm. After 10 inches of rain fell in a matter of hours and their house was surrounded by a foot of water, their basement had not one drop of water. Sadly, many neighbors got more than a foot of water in their basements. So thank you, thank you, thank you!